We Are What We Are 2013

In this reimagining of the 2010 Mexican film of the same name, director Jim Mickle paints a gruesome portrait of an introverted family struggling to keep their macabre traditions alive, giving us something we can really sink our teeth into.

We Are What We Are 2010

A middle-aged man dies in the street, leaving his widow and three children destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only with his loss but with a terrible challenge - how to survive. For they are cannibals. They have always existed on a diet of human flesh consumed in bloody ritual ceremonies... and the victims have always been provided by the father. Now that he is gone, who will hunt? Who will lead them? How will they sate their horrific hunger? The task falls to the eldest son, Alfredo, a teenage misfit who seems far from ready to accept the challenge... But without human meat the family will die.

PROGRESS Chapter 59: Whatever People Say We Are, That's What We're Not 2017

Chapter 59: Whatever People Say We Are, That's What We're Not Show date: 10th December 2017 A card heavily subject to change due to snowfall across the UK! These matches remained from the advertised card: Travis Banks (c) v Eddie Dennis - PROGRESS World Championship match Chris Brookes vs Matt Cross Doug Williams' Open Challenge plus 4 more matches which we won't list here so as not to spoil the surprises :-)

What Are We Doing Here? 2014

Long-time friends Yan, Simon, Roxanne, Maxime and his sister Lily are in their early 20s, the age when anything is possible. They are just embarking on their careers. Then one fine summer day, Yan is involved in a fatal car accident. The young man is killed instantly and the rest of the gang is thrown into turmoil.

What Are We Doing Here? 2008

WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? is a controversial documentary about why after 50 years of Western involvement, billions of dollars in foreign assistance and countless promises, Africa is still so poor. The film tells the story of 3 brothers and a cousin who travel across Africa in an attempt to understand one of the great problems of our time, the failure to end poverty in Africa. Shot on location in 12 countries, WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE? transports you into the shocking and heart wrenching world of African poverty and the multi billion dollar aid and development industry dedicated to fighting it.

What WEEE Are 2017

Planting the Seeds, growing the future. Technology pervades every aspect of our lives: the way we move... the way we work... the way we meet and communicate… how we make love and what we eat... Crops all over the world are grown using increasingly technological methods. It is now possible to grow plants at night and in hostile environments, increasing yields and saving water. Most of these methods are based on... Hydroponics. Since the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, technology has allowed man to grow great amounts of food. Abundance of food allows man to explore new frontiers... In January 2016 the first flower has blossomed aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Yet, in pursuing his quest, man also generates huge amounts of increasingly technological waste... Space Waste is already an issue of cosmic concern...

We Are What We Drink 2010

A man stands in line for his morning coffee blissfully unaware at how life defining his encounter with the slack-jawed, gum chewing barista will actually be.

We are Not Having Any Trouble in Our Department Despite What You've Heard

Artist and filmmaker Jonn Herschend offers a delightful musing on the emotional agendas that often underlie professional relationships. A promotional video for a Danish art museum in which the spokeswoman discusses the evolution of the museum turns into a literal battle over a failed relationship and the abduction of her cat. The cool modernism of the museum provides an ironic backdrop to the childish behavior of the production team

What Are We Eating Today? 2014

Fun and Easy Cooking by Two Guys. In Shin Don-yub and Sung Si-kyung’s kitchen, they show you how to fix delicious and easy meals. No tricky recipes here, so anybody can do it!

Where the Hell Are We and What Day Is It... This Is Static-X

Where The Hell Are We And What Day Is It... This Is Static-X is a rockumentary DVD that was set to be released in 2001 by industrial metal band Static-X. It features behind-the-scenes and live footage, along with all of Static-X's music videos and an audio-only concert. Due to the live footage being recorded at Ozzfest, Sharon Osbourne threatened to sue the band if the DVD was released. Therefore, it was prevented from ever hitting store shelves. It is very hard to find and roughly only 500 copies are in existence.

What Happens to My Family? 2014

Every family has its issues but what happens when the patriarch in the family is not happy with the behaviors of his children? Cha Bong Soon does not intend to just sit back and take bad treatment from his three adult children – Cha Kang Shim, Cha Kang Jae and Cha Dal Bong – and decides to take legal action against them. With such chaos going on in her family, Kang Shim has a tough time focusing on her job as secretary to the president of Daeoh Company and constantly at odds with the president's son, Moon Tae Joo, the company director. Will Tae Joo get sucked into the Cha family drama as well?

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