Shaun the Sheep Movie 2015

When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for. A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it's up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas 2015

In The Farmer's Llamas the wily sheep bluffs his dim-witted farmer master into bidding for three llamas at a county fair. Once they show up at the farm, however, they cause such chaotic destructive mayhem that Shaun has to carefully remove them – high speed chases, careful rooftop scrambles and dangerous falls ensue.

Shaun the Sheep - Wash Day 2008 the farmer employs a robotic sheep dog, the flock have some alien encounters, Shaun has a go at dentistry and, after some hi-jinks with the rotary clothes line, there’s a desperate race to get the farmer’s washing clean.

Shaun the Sheep - Abracadabra 2008

Another bunch of great woolly adventures for Shaun, Bitzer, Shirley and the flock--not to mention those troublesome pigs--as they go looking for more sheep thrills. The "shear" delights in this collection include: a disappearing flock in Shaun's magic show, newly-hatched chicks thinking Shaun is their mum, Shirley getting the hiccups and a bull seeing red all over when the Naughty Pigs pour paint into the sheep dip. Featuring 8 barnstorming adventures: "Abracadabra" "The Bull" "Who's the Mummy?" "Hiccups" "Heavy Metal Shaun" "Troublesome Tractor" "Sheepwalking" "Save the Tree" Extra: "Meet the Animals"

Shaun The Sheep: Shear Madness 2012

It’s madness in the meadow with Shaun the Sheep and his flock of mischievous merrymakers! Shaun expertly stops the pigs from running amuck and turning the farm into a porky paradise. He amuses his friends when he falls head over hoof for a beautiful stranger, and demonstrates what happens when curiosity gets the sheep after a hot air balloon lands and causes mayhem in the meadow… From the farm, to outer space and everywhere in between, Shaun and his barnyard buddies know how to have a woolly good time!

Shaun the Sheep: Back in the Ba-a-ath 2009

While the nearsighted and none-too-bright Farmer is away, Shaun and his flock-mates explore their surrounding and get into mischief. When the water in the sheep-dip tank proves too cold for comfort (it freezes a duck solid), Shaun and company devise an elaborate scheme to steal the Farmer's hot bathwater. Shaun also has to design a workout routine for a sheep who's gotten too fat to get through the barn door.

Shaun the Sheep - Party Animals 2009

For shear fun and adventure, Shaun and the gang sure take some bleating! There’s all kinds of laughs and escapades happening down on the farm – the flock are trying to fool the farmer at his own fancy dress party; sheep are in the sky after a hot air balloon lands in the field; alien scientists and power crazy pigs cause havoc on the farm!

Shaun the Sheep - Spring Shena-a-anigans 2011

Spring with excitement and jump with joy because Shaun the Sheep is back for more wild adventures from the Oscar®-winning creators of Wallace & Gromit™. Fun on the farm springs to life with Shaun and his barnyard buddies – from bouncing sheep and a supersized Timmy to bagpipe buddies and a shortsighted farmer, there’s no limit to the wild things these animals will do. So hop along with Shaun, Bitzer, Shirley, Timmy, and those Naughty Pigs next door in some sheepherding mayhem that’s sure to give you a lift!...

Shaun the Sheep - Animal Antics 2011

Get ready for farm-fresh fun and laughter with Shaun the Sheep™ and his barnyard buddies, as they set the scene for more mayhem on the farm. Laugh out loud as Shaun tries to outfox a fox, Bitzer discovers his jazzy side, and the sheep try to sell everything on the farm to the highest bidder. Shaun and his friends deliver 7 hilarious adventures full of animal antics that will make the whole family cock-a-doodle doo!

Shaun the Sheep: Sheep on the Loose 2009

Shaun the Sheep™ and his barnyard gang are back with more chaos in the countryside! The Oscar(r)-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit ™ do it again with sheeptacular new adventures and just shear wackiness. Shaun is a sheep who doesn't follow the flock, and along with the other sheep and those naughty pigs, there's sure to be plenty of mayhem in the meadow.

Shaun the Sheep: Little Sheep of Horrors 2009

What’s black and white and goes bump in the night? Don’t be scared – it’s your woolly friend, Shaun the Sheep™! Join Shaun as he leads his fearless flock through six new adventures that mix the spooky, the kooky, and the just plain funny. A troublesome tractor, freaky farm noises, and sleepwalking sheep are only a few of the weird and wonderful surprises waiting for Shaun and his barnyard pals as they creep, sneak and make mayhem in this laugh-filled collection.

Shaun the Sheep - The Big Chase 2011

Start your engines for fun and laughter with Shaun the Sheep™ and his barnyard buddies as they speed off to stir up some mayhem in the meadow. The Oscar®-winning creators of Wallace and Gromit™ accelerate the laughter with revved-up adventures, from big races and chases to bikes and boats and everything in between. So buckle up for a wild ride with Shaun, Bitzer, Shirley, Timmy, and those Naughty Pigs next door as fun on the farm shifts into high gear!

Shaun the Sheep - We Wish Ewe a Merry Christmas 2011

'Tis the season to be wooly with Shaun the Sheep and his farmyard friends. Frolic with the flock as they decorate the farmhouse for the Farmer, watch Bitzer and Pidsley battle for a spot by the fire, join a massive snowball fight and much more in these seven hilarious episodes from an Oscar-winning creator of Wallace & Gromit.

Shaun The Sheep - A Woolly Good Time 2010

A little pinch of zaniness and a big dash of fun is the perfect recipe for laughter as Shaun the Sheep™ and his barnyard buddies Bitzer, Shirley, and Timmy get into more wacky shenanigans along with those fun-loving Naughty Pigs next door. The laughs keep rising, as the creators of the Academy Award®-winning Wallace & Gromit™ are on a roll, dough-ling out more sheep-herding mayhem by the baker’s dozen.

Shaun the Sheep - One Giant Leap for Lambkind 2010

Unidentified Farm Objects and paranormal sightings are the norm with Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies Bitzer, Shirley, and Timmy, as they encounter more madcap mischief along with those Naughty Pigs next door.

Shaun the Sheep - Off the Baa! 2007

Meet Shaun the Sheep in his first-ever DVD compilation. From the shear geniuses that brought you the Academy Award-winning Wallace & Gromit, these hilarious adventures will have you wanting to join the flock! Shaun's barnyard pals, Shirley, Timmy, and those Naughty Pigs will have you rolling in the hay with laughter.

Shaun the Sheep 2007

Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated children's television series produced by Aardman Animations, and commissioned by the British Broadcasting Corporation and Westdeutscher Rundfunk, a constituent member of the consortium of German public-broadcasting institutions, ARD. It is a spin-off of the Wallace and Gromit franchise, starring Shaun from A Close Shave as its main protagonist. It first aired in the UK on CBBC in March 2007. The series has also inspired its own spin-off show, Timmy Time, which is aimed at younger viewers. The show has been broadcast in 180 countries around the world.

Shaun the Sheep: One Giant Leap for Lambkind

Unidentified Farm Objects and paranormal sightings are the norm with Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies Bitzer, Shirley, and Timmy, as they encounter more madcap mischief along with those Naughty Pigs next door. Big laughs are evident, as the creators of the Academy Award®-winning Wallace & Gromit™ are out to prove that sheepherding fun is universal.

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