Game Change 2012

Based on the book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, Game Change focuses on the Republican run of the 2008 Presidential election, when candidate John McCain picks a relative unknown, Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, to be his running mate. As the campaign kicks into high gear, her lack of experience, in both political and media savvy, becomes a drain upon McCain and his strategists. Directed by Jay Roach, who previously directed the HBO film Recount and the Austin Powers movies, Game Change premiered on HBO on March 10th, 2012.

Palindromes 2004

Aviva is thirteen, awkward and sensitive. Her mother Joyce is warm and loving, as is her father, Steve, a regular guy who does have a fierce temper from time to time. The film revolves around her family, friends and neighbors.

Sarah Palin: You Betcha! 2011

A journey that takes the viewers across the icy mid-winter snows of Alaska to meet her school friends, family, and Republican colleagues, to try and discover the real Sarah Palin.

Michael Palin: A Life on Screen 2018

In this documentary, Michael Palin tells the story behind his success, after being honoured with a special award at the Baftas in 2013. With an outstanding career in television and film, this special delves into the archives to showcase some of Michael's incredible work, featuring an in-depth interview with the man himself.

Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted 2009

This conservative documentary from John Ziegler poses a conspiratorial theory that President Obama was elected through mischievous actions by the media. As part of his theory, Ziegler posits that the press had to put forth a partisan agenda in order to portray vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as inept and pandering.

Cinta Paling Agung 2015

Cinta Paling Agung is about Khairi (Aaron Aziz) and Amyza (Siti Saleha) who has been married for almost ten years and had a daughter, Hanna. However, their marriage was unhappy and increasingly problematic. Khairi then falls in love with a woman named Dewi (Zaskya) . Because of Dewi, Khairi could decide to divorce his wife. Amyza was shocked by the decision and then decide to agree provided each morning Khairi have to carry her every day for 30 days.

Palindrome 1969

While working at a photo lab, Frampton found that the waste at both ends of the rolls of processed film—where chemicals worked on the emulsion through clips used to attach the film to the machine—produced images far too interesting to be discarded. For Palindrome, Frampton selected images which he described as “tending towards the biomorphic,” resembling abstract surrealist painting. However, the rigid palindromic structure that Frampton imposes on the images—a motorized sequence based on “twelve variations on each of forty congruent phrases”—deviates from the subjective aesthetic of the expressive, demonstrating Frampton’s interest in the “generative power” of films composed by rules and principles.

My Father the Hero 1991

Veronique, living with her divorced mother, is going on holiday to Mauritius with her father. To impress a local boy, Benjamin, she manages to complicate the situation by making up stories about her father. She presents him as her lover, a mercenary and even a secret agent which gets her into trouble and then her father has to start playing along...

To the palindrome! 2018

“Neuquén,” “Eva, can I stab bats in a cave?”... We know about those. What perhaps we don’t know is that there are fans that have turned palindromes into the passion of their lives. A happy journey through four countries, with dozens of men and women for whom the beauty of words lies in symmetry.

Palingenesis 2017

Between two rock formations, machines unveiled traces of life from the Jurassic period, despite the gap between them some similarities are still perceptible.

Michael Palin & the Mystery of Hammershøi 2005

In 2005, Michael Palin set out to unlock the mysteries and find out about the background and life of Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi. Hammershøi painted around the start of the 20th century and many of his pictures have a distinct coolness and distance about them. Palin, wanting to know of his inspirations and the reason for these mystical pictures, starts his search in Hayward Gallery in London, goes to Amsterdam and finally the painters home town, Copenhagen (Denmark).

Kisah Paling Gangster 2013

Remy (Shaheizy Sam) worked as a paramedic who was a quiet, shy with girls, and constantly bullied by his peers. At the same time, like many other young men, he was also a shortage of funds. In short: Remy a loser. Until today Remy saved the life of a triad leader named Megat. In return, Megat offers the opportunity to join the group Remy, but Remy rejects. But when threatened, Remy finally had to obey. In the past she Remy a loser now re-emerged as a gangster ... thus plunged into a dark world, with no way out ...

Palindrome 2001

A word or phrase whose meaning does not change whether spelt backwards or forwards. A young man loses everything he has in one day. He is fired from his job, kicked out of his hotel, betrayed by his colleagues and turned down by an old flame. We see this ordinary tale told backwards in time

Palinode 2001

In Palinode a disk-shaped matte continually shifting in and out of focus alternately blocks part of the image or contains it. Its respiratory rhythm matches operatic fragments of Wladimir Vogel’s ‘Wagadu’, as the camera studies a middle-aged male singer in Zurich.

Palindrome 1964

A palindrome created on film. Features interaction between a couple with the recurring line 'Madam I'm Adam'.

Palimpsest Palindrome 1975

Mirrored from left to right and front to back, this multilayered black and white symmetrical abstract horror film has apocalypse written all over it. It is still a lot of fun to see and is not without its humor.

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