Louder Than Bombs 2001

Set in a small Polish town, "Louder Than Bombs" tells the coming-of-age story of Marcin, a 21-year-old with a penchant for James Dean and The Smiths. After the death of his father, Marcin must contend with the funeral arrangements while hosting his buffoonish out-of-town relatives who disparage his small town life as a mechanic in his father's garage. In addition, Marcin must face the news that his lifelong girlfriend has decided to leave Poland to live in the U.S. If he doesn't act quickly, he may never see her again.

Louder Than Bombs 2015

Three years after his wife, acclaimed photographer Isabelle Reed, dies in a car crash, Gene keeps everyday life going with his shy teenage son, Conrad. A planned exhibition of Isabelle’s photographs prompts Gene's older son, Jonah, to return to the house he grew up in - and for the first time in a very long time, the father and the two brothers are living under the same roof.

Bomb Girls 2012

Focusing on a group of women working in a munitions plant during World War II, this ensemble drama depicts the dangers and new experiences they face.

Johnny And The Bomb 2006

Johnny Maxwell stumbles upon a time machine when he helps an old woman, but little does he know that his journeys back to 1941 cause a chain of events which alter history. Johnny and his friends must go back in time to reverse the changes and save his own existence.

Sacred Games 2018

A link in their pasts leads an honest cop to a fugitive gang boss, whose cryptic warning spurs the officer on a quest to save Mumbai from cataclysm.

Bombshell 2006

Jenna Marston (Zöe Lucker) is an ambitious and committed Army Captain who's nursing a big secret... she's having an affair with her boss, Major Nick Welling (Jeremy Sheffield). It's an affair that could cost them the careers they love, but their passion proves impossible to suppress. Back on the parade ground, equal opportunity law means that the British Army now has to open its doors to 'all sorts' and Nick and Jenna find themselves managing a rag tag of raw recruits. The task of turning social misfits into a crack fighting team, ready for deployment in war zones around the world, is one that takes determination and grit. Just as Bad Girls opened the doors into the closed world of a women's prison, Bombshell lifts the lid on the British Army - a hierarchical world where men and women are thrust together, living on the edge - trained and prepared to kill...

The Day After Trinity: J. Robert Oppenheimer and the Atomic Bomb

The Day After Trinity is a 1980 documentary film directed and produced by Jon H. Else in association with KTEH public television in San Jose, California. The film tells the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the theoretical physicist who led the effort to build the first atomic bomb, tested in July 1945 at Trinity site in New Mexico. Featuring candid interviews with several Manhattan Project scientists, as well as newly declassified archival footage, The Day After Trinity was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature of 1980, and received a Peabody Award in 1981. The film's title comes from an interview seen near the conclusion of the documentary. Robert Oppenheimer is asked for his thoughts on Sen. Robert Kennedy's efforts to urge President Lyndon Johnson to initiate talks to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. "It's 20 years too late," Oppenheimer replies. After a pause he states, "It should have been done the day after Trinity."

Bomberman Jetters 2002

Bomberman Jetters, often abbreviated as "BMJ" by fans, is an anime based on the popular video game series Bomberman created by Hudson Soft. The show ran for a total of 52 episodes in Japan on TV Tokyo. The soundtrack was composed by Kazunori Maruyama. Unlike the Bomberman Bakugaiden anime of the late 1990s, this series is very true to the Bomberman video games. The anime tells the story of the Higehige dan, or "Higehige bandits", who are a group of thieves foiled constantly by the Jetters. The Jetters consist of Mighty, Dr. Ein—the founder as well as Gangu's creator—Birdy, Shout, Bongo, Gangu, and White Bomber—Mighty's younger brother.

X-Bomber 1980

X Bomber is a marionette tokusatsu TV series. It was created by manga master Go Nagai, and produced by Cosmo Productions and Jin Productions. The show aired on Fuji TV from October 4, 1980 to March 28, 1981, with a total of 26 episodes, and was billed in Japan as being filmed in "Sūpāmariorama", a puppeteering process similar to Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation works.

Fireman Sam 1987

Follow the adventures of fireman Sam and his colleagues as they protect the citizens of the Welsh town of Pontypandy. Whenever the alarm sounds, brave Sam and his co-workers can be counted on to jump into a fire engine, hop onto a helicopter, or even launch an inflatable lifeboat to battle blazes, mount rescue missions, or provide medical attention to those in need.

Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan 2011

From the streets of Afghanistan comes an all-new series profiling the U.S. military's most dangerous job. The first of its kind, Bomb Patrol Afghanistan is a groundbreaking docu-series giving viewers an unprecedented first person view of one of the most dangerous jobs in the world in one of the most dangerous places on earth. G4 embeds viewers within the U.S. Navy E.O.D. (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Unit as it trains state-side prior to deployment. Outside the wire in war-torn Afghanistan, helmet and body mounted cameras and state-of-the-art robotics bring you a never before seen look at the intensity of war. Viewers will witness as the elite team searches out, disarms and destroys an array of deadly explosives with one goal: to save civilian and military lives and return home safely. This is war like you've never seen before.

The Saboteurs 2015

When the Nazis secure a heavy water plant to realize their plan to create an atomic bomb, the Norwegian Allies struggle to sabotage the operation.

Oppenheimer 1980

Oppenheimer is a television serial about J. Robert Oppenheimer, produced by the BBC. It began broadcast in the United Kingdom on 29 October 1980 and in the United States on 11 May 1982. The series starred Sam Waterston as Oppenheimer. The series was nominated for seven BAFTA Television Awards and won three. It was nominated for two Emmy Awards, for Outstanding Limited Series and for Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series or a Special. It was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV.

Naked Fireman 2017

Kang Chul Soo (Lee Joon Hyuk) is an enthusiastic fireman. He poses as a nude model to make money for his sick friend. He is then targeted as the criminal of an arson-murder case that took place 10 years. Kang Chul Soo and mysterious heiress Han Jin Ah (Jung In Sun) try to find the real culprit.

Cat Planet Cuties 2010

Nice guy Kio’s normal life gets turned upside down when he meets a friendly, sexy cat-alien named Eris. She’s on a peaceful mission—and she’s ready to play. Things get even friskier when her fellow felines set up base in Kio’s house. It’s not all fun and games, though. Danger is afoot, thanks to several secret agencies and enemy dog-aliens on Eris’s tail.

Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden 1998

Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden, commonly abbreviated as BB-Daman Bakugaiden or BBB, is a CoroCoro Comic series created by Koichi Mikata, based on Bomberman and B-Daman. An animated television series was created and originally broadcast on Nagoya TV. It was also broadcast internationally on Taiwan Television, TVB Jade, GMA Network, QTV 11 and Hero TV. The series was superseded by Bomberman B-Daman Bakugaiden Victory.

The Last of the Blonde Bombshells

The Last of the Blonde Bombshells is a 2000 British-American television film directed by Gillies MacKinnon. The script by Alan Plater focuses on the efforts of a recently widowed woman to reunite the members of the World War II-era swing band with which she played saxophone. It features Carry On actress Joan Sims in her final acting performance before her death in 2001, and Romola Garai in her first professional role. The film was a joint project of BBC Films and HBO. It premiered in the US on 26 August and in the UK on 3 September.

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