Devotion 1946

In Victorian England, literary siblings Emily and Charlotte Bront vie for the affection of the Reverend Arthur Nichols. Along with their sister Anne, Emily and Charlotte also try to help their tormented brother Branwell, a gifted artist whose life is being destroyed by alcohol.

The Devotion of Suspect X 2017

Based on Keigo Higashino’s award-winning novel, THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X follows a professor (Wang Kai) assisting in a murder investigation, only to find that a longtime rival and friend (Zhang Luyi) from his early university days may be involved.

Devotion 1931

A young Londoner (Ann Harding) disguises herself to become governess of the son of the barrister (Leslie Howard) she loves.

Devotion 2003

In total despair, Anja is about to throw herself from a bridge. At that very moment, Henry drives past in his car. Thinking she's a prostitute, he invites her home with him. Anja pretends to be what Henry initially thought. She refuses to explain the reasons for her apparent attempt at suicide. The two begin to play strange games, engage in unusual sex, leading Anja to try fleeing the apartment, but Henry catches her. Forced by Henry, Anja tells him about Lilly who was raped and then killed someone, leaving Henry with the impression that Lilly and Anja are one, the same person. They play more mind games, make love, and after Anja going back and forth trying to leave, Henry finally lets her go. She goes, but is back again soon after. And with a vengeance, she causes a series of strange events which will change the course of both of their lives

A Woman's Devotion 1956

An artist suffering from mental problems from his experiences during the war goes to Acapulco on his honeymoon. Soon young women are turning up dead in the area, and the ex-GI comes to believe he might be responsible, as he has long stretches where he can't remember anything.

Devotion 2013

Mando, a Bikolano devotee of Ina, Virgin of Peñafrancia, Patroness of Bikolandia, injures himself in the middle of the forest at the foot of the Mayon Volcano. He will be nursed back to health by a mysterious woman, Salome. They will eventually fall in love with each other. But when Mando invites her to come with him to the plains, Salome refuses, saying a curse prohibits her from leaving the forest. Salome holds a secret that will devastate Mando’s love for her. Meanwhile, Mando relies on his devotion to the Virgin of Peñafrancia to lift the curse, making him realize just how inextricably linked are the virtues of love and faith.

Devotion 2017

After the suicide of her best friend, a young woman is drawn to a city with a dark past that holds the key to a sinister mystery.

Depeche Mode: Devotional 1993

Devotional - A Performance Filmed by Anton Corbijn is a video release by Depeche Mode, featuring almost an entire concert from their 1993-1994 Devotional Tour, filmed in Barcelona, Spain (Palau Sant Jordi), Liévin, France (Stade Couvert Régional) and Frankfurt, Germany (Festhalle). It was directed by Anton Corbijn, and released in 1993 band and it was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video in 1995. The soundtrack was recorded in Liévin, Stade Couvert Régional, on July 29, 1993. This tour was particularly notable for the personal troubles the band members were struggling with at the time, most notably Dave Gahan's heroin addiction. The video is the last release to feature Alan Wilder before his departure in 1995. In 2004, the movie was re-released in DVD.

Words of Devotion 2007

Ootani and Tachibana have been inseparable since high school. Now that they're in college, they live together, they're happy and everything seems prefect. But their little world is disrupted when they meet an old high school friend, Yuki, who seems to have a crush on Tachibana, making Ootani feel jealous and insecure. Will Tachibana really choose him over a pretty girl?

Words of Devotion: To the End of the World 2010

Hirofumi and Shinji are colleagues at the same advertising agency. Hirofumi works in IT, and Shinji is on the company's elite fast track. The two start off completely on the wrong feet, but as time passes they find themselves falling for each other.

Blind Devotion 2015

When a wife can no longer contribute to her relationship the way she used to, her husband gets the chance to show her what unconditional love means to him.

Devotion 1954

An old man suddenly realizes that both his daughters aren't happy so he decides to help them to find happiness.

Devotion: A Film About Ogawa Productions

Devotion investigates the extremely complex and heirarchical relationships among a committed group of Japanese filmmakers who dedicated up to 30 years of their lives making films for one man-Ogawa Shinsuke. Members of Ogawa Pro filmed the student movement of the late 60's; the fight by farmers to save their land from government confiscaton for the Narita airport at Sanrizuka; and the village life of a small farming community, Magino Village, in northern Japan. These heartbreaking and sometimes funny stories have never been told on film before. Rare footage, stills, and diaries with interviews with Oshima Nagisa, Hara Kazuo and Robert Kramer make this historical inquiry visually exciting as well as valuable.

Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions

Four uncut camera rolls, unspooled intermittently across thirteen years. One is a portrait of a friend, another is of a particular plant, the third of one kind of family, the fourth of another kind; all of them photographed to mark a particular time or a specific event. To build a future together one must always share a bit of one's past. These rolls represent the first collection in what remains an ongoing project. - David Gatten

Strangely Ordinary This Devotion 2017

SOTD was birthed out of a desire to privilege and amplify the strange and banal quality of daily life, to see what it can yield as an entrance to larger concerns, such as the environment, representation of motherhood, queer desire, the domestic as site of radicality.

Devotion 2014

Who judges and who is judged? Love has many layers.


Devotion is a Singaporean Chinese drama which was telecasted on Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp Channel 8. It made its debut on 28 June 2011 and ended its run on 1 August 2011. This drama serial consists of 25 episodes, and was screened on every weekday night at 9.00 pm. The storyline spans 40 years, and is also dubbed the mid-year blockbuster-cum-47th anniversary drama.

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