Kingdom Hospital 2004

Stephen King's take on the masterpiece series by Lars von Trier. The story takes place in a hospital in Lewiston, Maine, built on the site of a Civil War-era mill fire in which many children died.

Horror Hospital 1973

Following his forced retirement from an appalling rock band, Jason decides to vacation at Brittlehouse Manor, a health farm run by the leather-gloved, ex-Nazi scientist Dr. Storm. Along the way, Jason meets Judy, also on her way to Brittlehouse Manor to visit her aunt, who married Dr. Storm some years ago. Once they arrive, the pair realise rather quickly that something is wrong, probably because the other guests have had their brains surgically removed, or all the blood pouring from the sink, or possibly just because the creepy midget keeps telling them to brush their teeth.

Britannia Hospital 1982

Britannia Hospital, an esteemed English institution, is marking its gala anniversary with a visit by the Queen Mother herself. But when investigative reporter Mick Travis arrives to cover the celebration, he finds the hospital under siege by striking workers, ruthless unions, violent demonstrators, racist aristocrats, and African cannibal dictator and sinister human experiments.

The Hospital 1971

A suicidal doctor struggles to find meaning in his life while a murderer stalks the halls of his hospital.

County Hospital 1932

Ollie is in the hospital with a broken leg. Stan comes to visit him and all chaos breaks loose.

Hospital Massacre 1981

While receiving a routine check-up, a beautiful woman is stalked by a maniac out to avenge a childhood Valentine's Day humiliation.

Hospital 1977

24 hours in the life of a hospital from the point of view of the doctors and nurses.

The Hospital 2013

Old St. Leopold's Hospital has many urban legends surrounding it, but the residents of Bridgeport all agree on one thing: tortured souls roam its abandoned halls. The mystery proves too much for a pretty young student who decides to investigate for her senior class project. Unfortunately, she does not find ghosts. She, instead, finds Stanley... serial rapist, murderer, and psychopath. As the young girl becomes Stanley's new pet, a team of young investigators descend on the hospital to "hunt some ghosts." Stanley sees nothing but fun and games in his future. But, what Stanley does not know is that the hospital truly is haunted and the restless spirits there are not happy with what he has been doing.

Boo 2005

The friends Emmett, Freddy, Marie, Kevin and his reluctant girlfriend Jessie decide to spend the Halloween night in an abandoned hospital. Meanwhile, the younger Allan meets the old friend of his father Arlo Ray Baines and asks him to help to find his vanished sister Meg in the same spot. The two groups meet each other in the mental institution section on the haunted third floor.

The Kingdom 1994

The first part of a Danish miniseries that has been edited into two massive films, "Riget" is set in the neurosurgical ward of Copenhagen's Rigshospitalet, the city and country's main hospital, nicknamed "Riget". The show follows a number of characters, both staff and patients, as they encounter bizarre phenomena, both human and supernatural.

Hospital Green 2017

A young man arrives to his deceased mothers estate to find his sister unable to let go of her troubled past.

The Dead Pit 1989

A renegade doctor is shot dead and entombed with his fiendish experiments in the basement of an abandoned wing of a mental hospital. Twenty years later, a mysterious woman is admitted with amnesia, and her arrival is marked by an earthquake - which cracks the seal to the Dead Pit, freeing the evil doctor to continue his work.

Whore Hospital 1997

At the Whore Hospital, it’s a wonderful place for Japanese men to go to and heal – because the nurses are addicted to sex! You have a broken leg? Not a problem that a little sex can’t help fix! Pneumonia? Yep, a dose of sex should do the trick. Trust us, after watching this movie, you’ll be on the first plane to Japan, to get a check up at the Whore Hospital.

Dying at a Hospital 1993

... A quiet, contemplative piece with a sense of hope in its closing remarks, you seldom see the facial expressions of the characters up close, as the camera mimics the usual distance one would most times keep from the other patients (at least for me, for reasons unknown), in curious to know more, but yet want to maintain that emotional detachment. -- Stefan S. (A Nutshell Review)

Article 99 1992

Dr. Richard Sturgess leads a team of compassionate doctors at a veteran's hospital. Along with Drs. Morgan, Handleman and Van Dorn, he fights to deliver adequate care to needy veterans in the face of funding cuts and a corrupt administration. To succeed, the staff may have to bend the rules and circumvent the villainous "Article 99," a bureaucratic loophole that prevents veterans from receiving the benefits they deserve.

The Hospital 2 2015

The sickness returns in THE HOSPITAL 2, the new film from Deviant Pictures.

Tales from the Gimli Hospital 1988

While their mother is dying in the modern Gimli, Manitoba hospital, two young children are told an important tale by their Icelandic grandmother about Ainar the lonely, his friend Gunnar, and the angelic Snjofrieder in a Gimli of old.

The Man Who Found Himself 1937

Young Jim Stanton is a conscientious surgeon, but spends too many off-duty hours pursuing his passion for aviation to suit his stuffy father. When it is discovered that a passenger killed in a plane that Jim crashes was a married woman, the resulting scandal prompts the hospital to put Jim on probation. His pride wounded, Jim takes to the open road and enjoys the simpler life of a vagabond. In Los Angeles--where he is arrested for vagrancy and put to work on a road crew--Jim runs into old pal Dick Miller, who gets him a job as a mechanic for Roberts Aviation. But maintaining his anonymity becomes more difficult, particularly when a pretty nurse, Doris King, decides to make Jim's redemption her personal crusade.

Combat Hospital 2011

Combat Hospital was a Canadian-British medical drama television series, filmed in Toronto, that debuted on Global in Canada on 21 June 2011. In the United States, it aired on ABC. Its final episode was broadcast on 6 September 2011. The series was known for a time by the working title The Hot Zone before reverting to its previous title, Combat Hospital. ABC announced 24 October 2011 that it would not be renewing Combat Hospital for a second season. On 16 December, Shaw Media confirmed that Combat Hospital would not be renewed for another season due to their inability to find a new broadcast partner after ABC opted not to continue with the series earlier that fall.

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