War on Everyone 2016

Two corrupt cops in New Mexico set out to blackmail and frame every criminal unfortunate enough to cross their path. Things take a sinister turn, however, when they try to intimidate someone who is more dangerous than they are. Or is he?

Me and You and Everyone We Know 2005

The feature film debut by artist Miranda July about a various comic situations and plots that intertwine. One story line is about a father who is ending his marriage and the other story is of a video artist (possibly autobiographical of Miranda July, also played by her) who is desperately trying to get her work in a modern art museum. The film won Caméra d'Or at Cannes.

Everyone 2004

The perfect gay couple are having a wedding in their backyard and they've invited the family and all their emotional baggage.

Something For Everyone 1970

An opportunistic young man working as a servant to a European countess uses his sexual talents to better his station in life.

Everyone Else 2009

While on a Mediterranean vacation, a seemingly happy boyfriend and girlfriend find their connection to one another tested as they bond with another couple.

Everyone Dies Alone 1976

When they start losing family members and neighbors due to WWII and the Nazi government's policies, a quiet married couple becomes disillusioned and begins spreading leaflets against the government - a crime punishable by death.

Not Like Everyone Else 2006

Not Like Everyone Else is a 2006 TV movie that aired on Lifetime Television and starred Alia Shawkat, Illeana Douglas & Eric Schweig. It is based on a true story of events that happened to Brandi Blackbear in 1999-2000. This telefilm was shot in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Everyone's Life 2017

Before being judges, attorneys, or jury members, they are first of all men and women at a crossroads in their lives, with their dreams and their secrets, their hopes and their limitations, all beneath the same sun, each with their own dark side. In a lovely provincial town, during a jazz festival, life will juggle with their destinies.

Busted: Christmas For Everyone

Whilst doing their last concert before the Christmas Holidays, Busted find that their guitars have all disappeared mysteriously. With their only clue to there where-abouts being a mysterious note signed by 'Sinister Santa' the band take on London in hopes of finding their Guitars but learn the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

Everyone Loves Mel 1998

Set in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the legend of Swanson Lake is kept by one man, Bill (Ernest Borgnine). And he's not about to surrender it! When Bill's grandsons come for a summer visit, they stumble into a big-time adventure with a giant turtle named Mel. When Bill's neighbor Bailey (Jack Scalia) tries to kidnap Mel in order to feature him in a proposed theme park, the grandsons plot to hide Mel from the neighbor. Then the fun begins, and Mel becomes an unlikely hero!

Kisses for Everyone 2000

Three students are sent by their families to Cadiz in 1965, his last chance to pass and become what is expected of them. The appearance of some dancers disrupts their commitments: boys lose the course and girls, their work. But together they learn to decide their future.

Everyone Off to Jail 1993

In the celebration of the day of the political prisonner the victims of the Franco repression meet in the jail of Valencia. Among them are parvenues, mafiosi, bankers, and a communist priest... Written by Miguel A. Andrade

Barney: Everyone is Special 2005

Join the lovable purple dinosaur and his pals for a day in the park as they celebrate individuality, from their unique gifts and abilities to their different sizes and shapes. What' better than spending time with friends in the great outdoors?

See You Tomorrow, Everyone 2013

After Satoru Watarai graduated from elementary school, he dropped out of school and decided to live within his apartment complex, never to venture outside. Satoru Watari then meets his old friends as they are coming back from their middle school classes. Satoru has now gotten a job at a cake shop within the apartment complex and eventually gets engaged to one of his friends. Satoru, still lives within the apartment complex only, but, as time passes, more of his friends leave ..

Everyone must take a bath 1997

Alla ska bada hade premiär den 4 oktober 1997. Föreställningen tar sin början under mitten av 1930-talet när Frans-Oskar Bryssel föds. Efter ett tag hoppar föreställningen tio år fram i tiden och vi får se honom när han är 10 år gammal. Han spelas då av Per Fritzell. Handlingen hoppar med jämna mellanrum tio år fram tills han äntligen får bada i mitten av 1990-talet. Under hela föreställningen skildras ämnen som var aktuella under just den epok som då utspelar sig i pjäsen. T.ex. under 30-talet skildras andra världskriget och under 80-talet skildras mobiltelefonin.

Everyone in Hawaii Has a Sixpack Already 2018

On La Gomera, youth ends abruptly at age 16, when teens have to leave this paradise for higher education. This threat looms over a group of skateboarding, flirting friends. In this intimate documentary, everyone is beautiful, almost carefree and above all forever 15.

Always and Everyone 1999

Always and Everyone was a British television drama that ran from 1999 to 2002. It dramatised the hectic everyday lives of the doctors and nurses running the Accident and Emergency department of the large, busy city hospital, St. Victor's. The series has never been released commercially on VHS or DVD.

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