Ludwig 1973

A history of Ludwig, king of Bavaria, from his crowning in 1864 until his death in 1886.

Immortal Beloved 1994

The life and death of the legendary Ludwig van Beethoven. Beside all the work he is known for, the composer once wrote a famous love letter to a nameless beloved and the movie tries to find out who this beloved was. Not easy as Beethoven has had many women in his life.

Ludwig II 2012

A dramatic retelling of the life of Ludwig II, King of Bavaria, one of the most fascinating monarchs of modern times. From his accession to the throne at the age of 18 to his passionate support of Richard Wagner and his music. From his ingenuous political commitment to his obsessive construction of extravagant palaces and to his gradual withdrawal into a lonely dream world, an epic narrative of breathtaking grandeur.

Louis & Luca: The Big Cheese Race 2015

Two rival villages, Flåklypa and Slidre, decide to re-launch their traditional Cheese Race after years of inactivity. The boastful bird Nolan, the anxious hedgehog Louis and the kind-hearted inventor Reodor are sure they’ll come out on top in this adventurous showdown, but their opponents are not to be taken lightly, and there’s much more than honour at stake here.

Louis & Luca and the Snow Machine 2013

The small town of Pinchcliffe is experiencing a great lack of snow, which is why the inventor Reodor Felgen is asked to create a snow machine. However, things does not go as planned.

Ludwig - Requiem for a Virgin King 1972

Reflected in an artificial and bombastically staged illusory world with Wagnerian compositions, glossy and satirical time references, 19th century German figures and traditions are stripped of their mythology and interpreted by the Germany of 1972.

Ludwig van 1970

The black and white film is intentionally dislodged, disturbed, disrespectful, even aggressive. Here, there is no story. The film is constituted of a series of scenes, without connection between them. At the start we are in the presence of a half deaf Beethoven, represented in a subjective way, so that the spectator becomes the composer. Then, we are present, in the confusion, at a laughable televised dispute over Beethoven and his music; an evaluation of his physical capacities, morals and psyches of the music of Beethoven on the performers. There are many other scenes, which cover subjects such as the hearing of the composer, the analysis of his skull, the course of musical television, the analysis of the texts of Beethoven (notably his conversation notebooks), etc. The film ends at the zoo, by the scenes presenting the animals in the most stupid attitudes possible.

Ludwig / Walkenhorst - Der Weg zu Gold 2016

Laura Ludwig's and Kira Walkenhorst's journey to the 2016 Rio Olympics. Despite setbacks in their preparation the team keeps pushing themselves to reach their ultimate goal - the Beach Volleyball Goldmedal.

Ludwig Van Beethoven: Fidelio 2003

Two years prior to the opening scene, the nobleman Florestan has exposed or attempted to expose certain crimes of the nobleman Pizarro. In revenge, Pizarro has secretly imprisoned Florestan in the prison over which Pizarro is governor. The jailer of the prison, Rocco, has a daughter, Marzelline, and a servant (or assistant), Jaquino. Florestan's wife, Leonore, came to Rocco's door dressed as a boy seeking employment, and Rocco hired her. On orders, Rocco has been giving Florestan diminishing rations until he is nearly starved to death. Place: A Spanish state prison, a few miles from Seville Time: Late 18th century

Ludwig 1881 1995

In 1881 Ludwig of Bavaria goes on a cruise on a Swiss lake. He takes with him a famous actor, Josef Kainz, to act out the scenes from a story which took place on the lake, at the actual locations.

The Fairytale Castles of King Ludwig II 2013

Ludwig II of Bavaria, more commonly known by his nicknames the Swan King or the Dream King, is a legendary figure - the handsome boy-king, loved by his people, betrayed by his cabinet and found dead in tragic and mysterious circumstances. He spent his life in pursuit of the ideal of beauty, an ideal that found expression in three of the most extraordinary, ornate architectural schemes imaginable - the castle of Neuschwanstein and the palaces of Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee. Today, these three buildings are among Germany's biggest tourist attractions. Dan Cruickshank explores the rich aesthetic of Ludwig II - from the mock-medievalism of Neuschwanstein, the iconic fairytale castle that became the inspiration for the one in Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, to the rich Baroque splendour of Herrenchiemsee, Ludwig's answer to Versailles. Dan argues that Ludwig's castles are more than flamboyant kitsch and are, in fact, the key to unravelling the eternal enigma of Ludwig II.


Ludwig was a surreal 1977 British-made children's cartoon animation about a magical egg-shaped gemstone who lived in a forest. Twenty-five 5-minute episodes were made. The programme was produced by father and son team, Mirek and Peter Lang. Peter went on to animate Pigeon Street. Mirek and Peter wrote the stories with Jane Tann and Susan Kodicek. The scripts were edited by Michael Cole. Peter did the artwork.The music was arranged and played by Paul Reade. Jon Glover provided the voice of the birdwatcher. Mirek and Peter shared the animation, with Mirek doing about 80%. Peter writes: "In the late seventies I made the series, Ludwig, for the BBC with my father, Mirek Lang. It was shown in the highly prized afternoon pre-news slot a number of times and those who still remember it seem to recall it with a befuddled fondness. It also did quite well abroad. I wrote and illustrated the "Ludwig 1979 Annual", SBN 7235 0476 8 and designed 4 x jigsaw puzzles for Ravensburger. An excellent soundtrack album, played and arranged by Paul Reade and friends was released." "The series was shot on 16mm film, on a wind up Bolex camera in a spare bedroom in our flat in Buckland Crescent, Swiss Cottage, London NW3."

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