Demon Hunter 2012

Cosette is cursed. Demons Ghouls and Ghosts from the darkest corners of Hell are summoned to bring her to the other side. Now Cosette and Klaus her protector must face an unspeakable evil in an attempt to free her from this demonic curse.

Bad Hunter 2013

Young man Bahoz goes hunting in rural Kurdistan. He witnesses the rape of a young woman by an older man. He chases the man away and helps the woman to mend her clothes so she can conceal the rape from her family. That evening, Bahoz receives an unexpected visit...

The Hunters 2011

Alice and her friends are approaching the end of the school year where their dead-end lives will end and the chance of a new life will begin. Before heading off to college they spend one last day together in the woods, the one part of town that has always been off limits to them growing up. As they stumble upon what they thought was an abandoned fort only to find the walls dripping in blood and decompressing body parts lying around, they are startled to learn they are now a part of an undercover investigation. After being told to get out of the woods they realize they're trapped, for the Hunters, who call the fort home, never let anyone out alive.

Hunter in the Dark 1979

Yataro Tanigawa, a one-eyed hired assassin, impresses yakuza boss Gomyo Kiyoemon with his skill. Gomyo hires Tanigawa as his bodyguard, or yojimbo, to protect him during an inter-clan conflict. Tanigawa quickly rises in stature in the clan, but finds his boss's enemies almost overwhelming.

Hunters 2016

In 1987, a group of film students go scout an abandoned resort in the Pennsylvania wilderness, becoming real victims in another film.

Bat Hunter 2006

A terrorist group has developed a mutant bat with lethal characteristics. Lieutenant Kris and his 2 sexy partners must put an end of this menace.

Casshan: Robot Hunter 1993

Far in the future, ecological disaster on Earth led humans to create a race of androids called Neoroids -- ostensibly to clean up the mess -- that promptly turned on their human masters and enslaved them. Enter a lone fighter named Casshan with a mission to free humanity ... and restore his family's honor. A popular anime series in Japan.

Hunterrr 2015

An ordinary bachelor pursues girls like a hunter, but not with the intention of settling down in life.

Death Hunter 2010

When his wife is abducted by a group of blood-thirsty Vampires, John Croix is left to die in a forgotten region of the desert. It is here where an unspeakable evil exists. Now, by no choice of his own, Croix will come face-to-face with the most terrifying creatures of the night. Still a man, but possessing all the strength and power of a werewolf when the moon is out, Croix becomes a reluctant hero for mankind when he learns that his wife may still be alive. Croix sets out on a mission to rescue his wife - venturing deeper and deeper into the Vampire's lair- in his quest to save her before she is lost to the world of the undead forever.

Bounty Hunters 1996

Jersey Bellini is a bounty hunter who forms an uneasy partnership with a rival to capture a fugitive. But the hunters soon discover that the crook is also the man the mob most wants dead! Ready to battle anyone in their way, these hard-hitting Bounty Hunters won't quit until they've brought in their man... and brought down the mob

City Hunter: The Secret Service 1996

City Hunter, the globally adored hero, becomes embroiled in an adventure that takes him deep into the political intrigue of a Third World country and into the pain and anguish of one man's tortured past. James McGuire's life is so dangerous he has to hire bodyguards for his Secret Service agents. It doesn't help that his chief agent is actually his long-lost daughter. Luckily for him, City Hunter and Kaori are behind on the rent and need the work. But a dark secret from McGuire's past threatens to destroy him and his lonely daughter Anna. Will he live to rescue his country? Will his resentful daughter learn to love him again? Will City Hunter finally get some action?

The Dove Hunter 2009

علي شاب عشريني وتتطور صداقاته ورؤيته للحياة ..يصل عمره اربعين فهل يحتفظ بكل مبادئه ام يغيرها الزمن؟

Alien Hunter 2016

US sci-fi horror starring Dolph Lundgren. The film follows a group of teenagers who venture into the woods of northern California for a camping trip, in a remote area of the so-called Emerald Triangle. As they prepare to head into the woods, the group learns that the locals have been plagued by bizarre incidents of abductions and mysterious disappearances, with stories of aliens and Bigfoot, but this doesn't stop them from pitching their tents in the middle of the feared forest. Meanwhile, local farmer Brock (Bill Sage) and his daughters have some terrifying supernatural encounters of their own... The cast also includes Anastasia Baranova, Thomas Dekker, Rory Culkin and Shad Gaspard.

Blood Hunters 2016

An elevated genre horror film about a single mother who wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant. As she struggles to escape she discovers the facility's secret, they've tampered with the boundaries of death and brought people back to life, but those who've returned, have not returned alone.

Magic Hunter 1994

A battle-scarred, has-been Hungarian cop, tormented by his memories of accidentally killing an innocent woman in his custody, enters into a Faustian pact in which he trades his soul for a handful of "magic" bullets that always hit the mark. A mysterious and mythical story.

The Last Hunter 1980

During the Vietnam war, an American soldier gets trapped beind enemy lines. A squad of his buddies sets out to rescue him.

The Shark Hunter 1979

A crusty recluse on a Caribbean island who is dedicated to destroying sharks gets involved in a hunt for buried treasure.

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